I’m seeking humans
in the middle of this jungle

Are you feeling unhappy at work ? are you missing new goals in your career? Do you want to feel alive again in a professional way? Welcome talented human. I think you need a change, a re-start.

You are not alone; you don't have to be stuck in this job anymore. This jungle is plenty of new beginnings. I'm collaborating just with companies who care about their employers and real work-life balance—the ones who trust you.

Let's discover them together!

My mission is to help you to achieve
what you are looking for

Being your Coach

Ask yourself if you are happy at work if you’re where you mean to be. Work, it isn’t just about to pay the bills. Stop hating Mondays!



Guide you and help you to prepare a different kind of interviews


Answer your questions

Resolve your doubts about the process or any question you can have it


Clear process

Guide you in the hiring process for a trustful relationship.
Explain to you how many interviews and how the interviewers would be.


Find your goals

Help you to find the opportunities you deserve according
to your profile and skills


Constant feedback

As a candidate myself I believe in how important is to give you constantly feedback to keep you informed.


Are you ready for a change ?

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I always start my days with coffee and having a chat with my partners. Here you can find the best way to be in touch with me!