Trust the process,
I’m here to give you solutions!

If you are a conscious company who take care of their workers and wants to do the things different, you are in the right place. Welcome, We can do it together!
Let's start a journey where you and your future worker are the main character of this special story.

Keep reading because I truly believe there is someone unique waiting to join your company. Don't worry, We will meet them!

Fundamental I

Humanize the process

Janguru born from the need to humanize the hiring process, to make  candidates feel good and special through constant feedback and motivation.

Fundamental II


Be a talent is not just have a professional skills, you need a real person with values and spirit who knows your business and culture.

Fundamental III

a trustful partner

Trust is a vital element in a recruitment process based in constant feedback. Communication is the key for a smart process and I will share with both parties all the important details.

The steps for a successful collaboration

Let’s meet 

We will talk about who you are? What do you need? Your goals? And how I’m going to help you. We will establish the best way for us to work together.


Talent research

Most of the times my search is based in headhuntig, networking a huge data base I got. I filter by skills, personal development and motivation.


Brand ambassador

As a brand ambassador, I will share your values and your goals. This is really
important for candidates to have a better knowledge of your organisation.


Short list

List of a few candidates who fits with you:
CV + report based in soft skills


Interviews process

We establish a clear process witch will help all parties involved to be faster and have everything under control with continue feedback.



If It really matches why hesitate? Hire your perfect match, it’s a moment of celebration for both sides. A new experienced have just begun


Sounds good ?
Let’s start with a coffee

I always start my days with a coffee and having a chats with my partners. Here you can find the best way to be in touch with me!